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“I nice work and it completes my love for the “Capital of the Sun. I have seen many articles om Globosat’s “Brasil visto de cima” which adds to my love for the city, and goes well along with your E-book. Congratulations for your work. XOXO and success in your career."

Silvania Braga - Recife/PE

“I’m very happy for finding Ricardo and this beautiful work in Natal. ”

“The trip to Natal for my family was excellent, it was even better after I bought the Natal Praias e-book. With it I could know the best places in the city, make my own choices and have the a calm trip with all the relevant information I’d need. I certainly wouldn’t enjoy as much as I did if I didn’t hat this amazing e-book. Success!”

Thiago Motta - Uberlândia/MG

“It was an easy and awesome ready, I’m even more in love with Natal”

“With this e-book I could remember many pics of known people who went to amazing places. It gave me the opportunity to know more about the story, food, beaches and facts of the city, awakening an urge to know more.

In fact, the e-book doesn’t leave any doubt about the city. Thank you for making me want to know Natal/RN. I hope we can meet someday in this amazing city. I loved all the discounts. Congratulations on the nice work.”

Sara Oliveira - Uberlândia/MG


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    Discount in Services
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  • E-book with 74 pages of exclusive content (PDF)
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  • Discount of 10% in the Pizzato Hotel (Ponta Negra);
  • Discount of 5% in the tours of Natal;
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  • Discounts in services;
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  • E-book with 74 pages of exclusive content (PDF)
  • Discount of 10% in the Pizzato Hotel (Ponta Negra)
  • Discount of 5% in the tours of Natal;

• Buggy in the north coast (Genipabu)
• Praia da Pipa
• Dive in Maracajaú
• Quadcycle
• Morning City Tour
• Afternoon City Tour
• Galinhos
• Barra de Cunhaú
• City Tour João Pessoa/PB
• Perobas

  • The big sensation Jangalancha in Ponta Negra with 33% of discount
  • Discount/Courtesy in restaurants;

• A Cozinharia Forneria (10%)
• Lotus Japanese Fusion Cuisine (10%)
• Manary Gastronomia & Arte (Entree)
• Sal e Brasa (10%)
• Tábua de Carne both locations ( 15%)
• Páprika Restaurante e Pizzaria ( 10%)
• Pacific Restaurante 10%
• And more...

  • Discounts in Services;

• Seabra rent-a-car (10%)

  • Local foods;

• Northeast House (10%) in the whole store

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• Peppers Hall “Best nightclub in Natal” (20%)

• Deck Pub“Best Pub Bar in Natal” (Free Entrance)

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Natal Praias Benefits Club

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  • Your questions answered here, for you

    Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

  • What is an E-book?

    An e-book is also known as digital book, is a PDF archive. To read the content in this book you have to install on your computer the Acrobat Reader. In case you don’t have it you can download it for free on this link:

  • How the 30-day warrant works?

    If you’re not satisfied with the product, after reading the material, you can just give us a warn in less than 30 days and we’ll refund you. This is to show how much trust we have in our work to provide the best trip to Natal you’ll ever have. We only ask you to give us a reason for the refund, so we can work to make it better.

  • What is the validity of the discounts?

    The discounts are valid for 1 YEAR, counting from the date of the official release of the book (March 16 2016), so it is valid until March 2017.  So you have till that point to enjoy the benefits the golden version offers. The Offers can change without any warn.

  • Who can get this benefits?

    You and your family can enjoy this benefits. Obtaining an ebook copy and coming to Natal with your: Partner, children, cousin, uncle, friends..Everybody can enjoy together. Obs: The only requirement is that the purchase holder be present.

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30-day warranty

I’ve already helped hundreds of people in making the perfect schedule for their trips to the City of Sun. And now I’m so positive I can do the same for you that I’ll take all the risk. So, if in less than 30 days you’re not happy with the material you bought, you just send us an e-mail e we’ll soon refund 100% of the price you’ve paid, no questions asked. We simply refund you, period.

  • About the author

Ricardo Zugno is a manager that fell in love for tourism, especially in Natal. Dedicating his life to the passion in serving others since 1998.

After 2012, he started his dream: Make the city of Natal more accessible for the most people, giving birth to Natal Praias, which he is the found, and is proud to be the most visited tourism website in Natal/RN

This Project have been helping thousands of people that are coming to Natal in finding what they are truly looking for, making their vacation unforgettable. I’ve got a question...

Can you measure your urge to have an incredible vacation here?

I invite you to know more about Natal Praias, and join the thousands of lovely visitors that comes here daily to see the work we do with love by people that love what they do.

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