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    Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

  • My personal info, are they safe?

    Yes. They are 100% safe. All the information is used only internally, for the emission of receipts and to avoid frauds, and to communicate if the product is updated, so you can have the link to download newer versions without any charge. Nothing will be sent to other people, we care for the trust you put on our products.

  • The product will be really sent? What is the failsafe?

    The E-book Natal Praias uses the Hotmart plataform that we consider to be the best and safest plataform in Brazil. In case you don’t receive your e-book in the determined deadline, Hotmart refunds 100% of the money you invested, no worries.

  • Is there a printed version of this material?

    No. The book only have a digital version. However, you can print it on your own if you want.

  • How the digital book is sent?

    After the purchase you’ll get all the needed info via e-mail to download your issue of the book. It’s all done digitally so there is not shipping taxes.

  • After the purchase, in how much time the info will get to the mail?

    As soon as the payment is confirmed (the time can depend on the payment method), you’ll receive all instructions in your mail.

  • The credit card info will be safe?

    Yes. 100% safe. All the buying process is done trough Hotmart, the biggest and safest platform for digital exchange. Its all done with a encrypted codes in 128 bits. Not a single info of your card will be stored in our data bank.

  • The discount is over the lowest price? How to use it?

    Yes, the partners signed a term where they compromised to offer the discount over the best available price. You can rest sure that it’s easy to use it. Inside the golden version of the e-book you’ll receive a code and can make reservations through e-mail, or through the phone we’ll sent in your e-mail. In some cases, you’ll just have to show the e-book page in the place (such as restaurants). It’s all well explained inside the pages.

  • Can anyone use the discounts in my e-book?

    For your safety the e-book contains a DRM, a system that protects PDF archives. It’s printed information on the pages of the e-book. This way, the services can only be offered to the person which information are within the pages. Your spouse, children or friends that are with you can only use it showing the ID that are in the pages.


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I’ve already helped hundreds of people in making the perfect schedule for their trips to the City of Sun. And now I’m so positive I can do the same for you that I’ll take all the risk. So, if in less than 30 days you’re not happy with the material you bought, you just send us an e-mail e we’ll soon refund 100% of the price you’ve paid, no questions asked. We simply refund you, period.

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